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The Top FIVE Best & Worst Moments of 2022’s Oscars

Let’s face it, the Academy Awards haven’t been a highlight of the film industry in quite a long time. Frankly, it has become more of a running joke just how bad they have become. Yet, somehow this year we have had one of the most polarizing events in Oscar history. Today, let’s break down theContinue reading “The Top FIVE Best & Worst Moments of 2022’s Oscars”

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Season One – Review

Spoilers Ahead. Since it’s launch I have been very critical of Disney+. Their interface isn’t user friendly, their new content is few and far between, and they lack content that is adult oriented. Well, lately they have been able to redeem themselves a tad by releasing two seasons of The Mandolorian and WandaVision. Notice howContinue reading “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Season One – Review”

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