Superman & Lois Series Premiere “Pilot” – Review

Mild Spoilers Ahead.

When it was announced that Superman would be returning to the silver screen in his own television show I was ecstatic. Having only been a returning character in CW’s Supergirl, Kal El hasn’t has his own show since the massively popular Smallville which ended a decade ago. So, how did it do?

It was perfect.

I haven’t enjoyed a CW show in a very long time due to the writing, the productions, the airing schedules and the over abundance of episodes. But, Superman & Lois changed the narrative.

Within minutes we are introduced to Clark, his origin story, his childhood, and then Tyler Hoechlin (Clark Kent/Superman) gives us the Superman we have been in need of since the character flew onto the big screen in 1978.

Picture provided by the CW.

Above is the moment that I fell in love with this show. In the scene Superman flies down, catches a green car (reminiscent of the cover of Action Comics #1, the issue he first appeared in) from hitting a child, and then gives the kid back his hat that few off from the gust of air. The kid remarks about how great the suit looks to which Superman responds “Thanks, My mom made it for me”. Perfect, literal perfection. This is the Superman I have been longing for. While I do love Henry Cavill in the role in the DCEU, he never gave the world the image of a friendly hero who would save a cat from a tree. In this thirty second scene Tyler Hoechlin gives us the hopeful, kind, loving Superman I have desperately needed.

Shockingly, the budget for this series is much higher than the CW’s previous affairs. With this greater budget the show is able to show more Superman action with a more believable usage of CGI. This enables us to believe that this man can fly. His powers are shown brilliantly with deep reds flowing from his eyes and chilling blues blowing from his mouth.

The cinematography was also a pleasant surprise. The shots feel extremely thought out and give a grander cinematic feel. The series uses natural and artificial lighting to a great degree that the show feels like it was meant for the big screen.

The costuming this time around was incredibly. Not only did we get the suit pictured above but a fantastic new modern day Superman costume. The texturing and popping of the emblem really give the suit a high budget feel that previous CW shows lack.

The supporting cast all does very well especially Lois played by Bitsie Tulloch. She gives a warmth that illuminates the love between Clark and Lois and together they play believable parents to twins Jordan and Jon played by Alexander Garfin and Jordan Elsass respectively.

Although we are only one episode in, Superman & Lois has rejuvenated my interest in the CW and makes me hopeful for the prime Superman show.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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