Midway (2019) – Review

In recent years I have came to a conclusion, that war films are one of two things: breathtaking or a snooze-fest. As one may guess, Midway is a great time, if you’re looking for a nice nap.

Midway stars about every middle aged white man you could think of, and all of them are given absolutely nothing to do. Woody Harrelson, Patrick Wilson, and Dennis Quaid all deserve far more than they got and it was a shame to see their talents wasted. Ed Skrein is typically an actor who gives his all and amounts to nothing but mediocrity; yet somehow he managed to give his worst performance yet. The first few scenes of his are laughable due to his unexplained accent that disappears within minutes and his character is nothing more than a typical douchebag who becomes a hero.

The woman of the film are so unimportant and barely have any screen time that they just rip you out of the film because you know their scenes add nothing to the plot.

This film tried to jumble together so many plot lines that by the half way point you have already seen half the characters entire runtime. How is it that Aaron Eckhart has five minutes of screen time?! Its ridiculous.

The cinematography was bland the score was average and the CGI was laughable. Everything looked like a pre-rendered cutscene from a 2008 video game.

Midway is the definition of a generic blockbuster. High profile names, big bombastic explosions, and a mediocre to unbearable script. Avoid this film like the plague.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

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