The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Season One – Review

Spoilers Ahead. Since it’s launch I have been very critical of Disney+. Their interface isn’t user friendly, their new content is few and far between, and they lack content that is adult oriented. Well, lately they have been able to redeem themselves a tad by releasing two seasons of The Mandolorian and WandaVision. Notice howContinue reading “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Season One – Review”

WandaVision: Series – Review

Spoilers Ahead. What is grief, if not love persevering? Vision When WandaVision was first announced I was at the height of my “Done with Marvel” phase. Year after year the studio would release multiple entries in their interconnected universe and after a certain point it became more of a television show rather than a filmContinue reading “WandaVision: Series – Review”

Superman & Lois: Season One, Episode Two “Heritage” – Review

Spoilers Ahead. After the high of last week I was skeptical about the quality of the episodes to come. Knowing CW and their cheap budgets I was afraid all of the money went towards the pilot. I was wrong. Very wrong. As with the first episode we are greeted with thrilling action sequences, complex characterContinue reading “Superman & Lois: Season One, Episode Two “Heritage” – Review”

Superman & Lois Series Premiere “Pilot” – Review

Mild Spoilers Ahead. When it was announced that Superman would be returning to the silver screen in his own television show I was ecstatic. Having only been a returning character in CW’s Supergirl, Kal El hasn’t has his own show since the massively popular Smallville which ended a decade ago. So, how did it do?Continue reading “Superman & Lois Series Premiere “Pilot” – Review”

Batwoman: Season One – Review

Mild Spoilers ahead. Batwoman has become a drastically different show than what was aired in 2019. After the announcement of Ruby Rose departing the show last year the fate of the show was left up in the air. And then, the CW announced a brand new character taking up the mantle of the Batwoman. But,Continue reading “Batwoman: Season One – Review”